In the stock market, there is so much gobbledygook (technical word) and smoke glass and mirrors to send the masses off the trail of great profits.

Don’t get me started on “Buy and Hold,” I never heard anything so dumb. 🙂

One of the other greats is “this is not a get quick scheme” Why isn’t it?

If you Invest in the Best and use stop losses what a great way then to use the indisputable law of compounding, surfing trend after trend.

No, not jumping off here and there but really riding the wave of the best companies.
So on to today’s lesson. The Best Companies have HIGH P/E ratios and it is a good thing. As they have even higher earnings, profits and big money following buying their stock.

Just take one of the stocks you have probably never heard of, unless you are a member of The Insiders Club as we know what is happening on the Inside.

We have Superior Knowledge for Superior Return.

Fox Factory one of the buy signals has a P/E of circa 28. Wow! You might say until you dig deeper:

  • 8 quarters of Institutional support.
  • 4 quarters of rising earnings growth.
  • The last quarter’s earnings was up 22%. Yes, just in one quarter!
  • It is number 1 in its sector Leisure Products, its sector is number 13 out of 197 sectors.
  • The stock is set to rise much higher.

With over 130 years of research, every year the best performing stocks have had some of the highest P/E ratios. Plus, we sprinkle in Superior Knowledge of The Insiders Club, diversification and signs of any uptrend change checked along with potential exit points for protection of capital and profits with stop losses monitored everyday.

If something has a low P/E, it is usually for a reason. Don’t be suckered by the “propaganda” out by the people controlling the game.

Hey, and if you don’t know it’s a game do yourself a favour get my book,

The Truth behind the Investment Game.

You only pay for postage.

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