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I am Graham Bibby founder of Richmond Asset Management. I did step away from managing equities in 2011 to write 4 books. Now, I am back and I have recently launched The Insiders Club to Empower people to create consistent and sustainable wealth.


  For over 3 decades I have been the Number One investment manager in my class and I am set to reveal the Insiders Secrets. How the rich get richer whilst millions lose in the stock market. I was born in 1954, the Chinese year of the horse, which makes this auspicious timing to move back to what I do best. This is once again the Chinese Year of the Horse and this year the horse will run with the bulls. I have over 30 year experience in the financial markets. In 1991, I founded Richmond Asset Management a boutique financial advisory company based in Hong Kong and licensed by the Securities and Futures Commission of Hong Kong. I am an expert in technical analysis and was the former Chairman of the Technical Analyst Society of Hong Kong. I am also a founding member of the Hong Kong Securities Institute and a founding member of the UK Financial Planners Institute. So with over 30 years of watching charts and market trends, and being the ex Chairman of the Technical Analyst Society of Hong Kong, I knew how to identify when the stock had started an uptrend.  As important, I also know how to protect from losses when a downtrend starts.  

Now with the advent and growth of the internet; I have really became excited as I  EMPOWER PEOPLE to take control of their lives and their investments. No longer to be left at the mercy of the markets and riding its occasional roller coaster.


The Insiders Club

As an alternative investment vehicle to normal traditional investment models – The Insiders Club with Graham Bibby will share with you the Insiders Secrets from over 3 decades of successful investment experience.   Graham has developed and refined the most cutting edge wealth acquisition and management strategies that have grown exponentially the fortunes of some of the World’s top Multi-Millionaires.   Have you own portfolio be managed with Buy & Sell Signals by Graham and join the Empowered through financial freedom; with Less Risk and No Leverage.   More on The Insiders Club


Empowering You Series – Master Your Mind Master Your Money

I will help you discover that by adopting the appropriate state of mind and utilizing the secrets I will share with you; anyone can surpass their ultimate goals and witness their dreams come to fruition. Our Natural state is to be Happy and world was designed to give us abundance. The Human mind truly is a fascinating tool and with it we can all achieve greatness. I will share with you my ‘Insiders Secrets’, and help you unlock your true earning potential! My first book in my Empowerment Series called Master Your Mind, Master Your Money.  It has just been published to accompany the Insiders Club and my frequent speaking engagements and seminars. Some great News! My new book is now available to buy on Amazon.   Master Your Mind Master Your Money

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